Toning, Shaping, Cellulite Reduction, Weight-Loss Treatment


Xburn Studio EMS Body Sculpting is a body reshaping therapy that targets fat cells while also toning muscle fibres. It is the ideal procedure for anyone who wishes to totally shape their body.

This therapy employs EMS, a cutting-edge technology that stimulates muscular contractions.

Depending on the area treated, one 30-minute treatment can deliver the equivalent of 20,000 squats or crunches activating 90-95% of muscle fibres.

The contractions clients experience during Xburn Studio EMS Body Sculpting treatments tones and defines muscles in ways that the gym cannot with absolutely no pain at all.

The results are a leaner, more sculpted muscle fibres.

10 areas at the one time in each session.

  • Front of legs
  • Back of legs
  • Glutes
  • Abs
  • Shoulders
  • Lower, Middle and upper Back
  • Arms
  • Chest